Research & Development

research that is RECOGNIZED

Research is the basis of our innovation stream.

The embedding of our company in the academic environment provides the perfect creative conditions to develop new products.

Our company as been recognized by the National Innovation Agency (ANI) with the ID Seal – recognition of suitability to conduct Research and Development activities, since 2020.

Our Projects

QuizOne® is an integrated management system for recruitment, selection, and assessment processes providing performance and reliability analysis in a secure environment.

AiGen (automated item generation) tool allows the generation of thousands of unique items based on a knowledge framework, being a quick and cost-effective way to expand your item pool.

Computerized Adaptive Test (CAT) is a computer-based exam that uses a simple algorithm to adapt the test questions’ difficulty, in real-time, to the ability of each candidate.

CovidLearning is an online platform that incorporates intelligent interaction tools (ML, NLP) to identify and provide access to the latest scientific evidence regarding COVID-19

ADS app is a tool designed to suggest a personalized treatment based on the user’s symptoms and the best evidence in medicine in mild to moderate depression scenarios.

Biosensors aims to develop mobile apps based on bio-signals acquisition (IoT, wearable sensors) in order to provide intelligent biofeedback systems for stress and brain aging management.

Our Scientific Publications