We help your institution transition to a fully digital assessment system smoothly. We will support the entire assessment cycle, from planning, designing, delivering, and scheduling an exam to displaying the results for thousands of candidates and providing feedback to all.

Item Bank

We offer a variety of item types so you can choose the ones that better suit your assessment needs. Moreover, you can create your own items and categorize them in multiple areas. The platform helps you by preventing errors like duplicate choices. You can also import new items from your bank.

Exam Creation

You can easily create assessments by adding existing items to a test, creating multiple sections, and shuffling question options on demand. Moreover, you can add candidates, schedule dates and room distributions, and set multiple configurations for proctoring and exam eligibility.

Reporting & Analytics

Generating data is not enough. All our solutions are data-driven and provide detailed and accurate reports that help our clients make sense of them. Our reports respect best practices and standards but are customizable. Moreover, we provide your access to the raw data for in-depth analyses.

Remote Proctoring

Guarantee a real-time surveillance of every examinee, through a video and audio stream which allows the detection of unusual behaviors and possible fraud. The video data streamed through the connection is for proctoring purposes only, with no data being collected or saved.

Technical Support

All our products and services are provided with an online support system that guarantees that your problems will always be addressed. Our support team is always available to answer all your questions and help you solve your problems to ensure the best experience in your workflow.

Educational Assessments

We help you develop and deliver high-quality tests for higher education programs. With our platform, you can create a Computerized Adaptive Test, making the tests shorter and more accurate.

Professional Certification Assessments

We help organizations and government entities to develop and deliver secure and reliable certification and licensure tests aligned to best practices and accreditation standards.

Recruitment & Selection

We help you develop and deliver reliable and secure pre-employment selections to assess your candidates’ skills and make your hiring decisions faster and more effective.