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A comprehensive, user-friendly, reliable, and secure online platform for Admission and Selection.
Our platform covers all aspects of the process from the recruitment stage to the entire cycle of the assessment and reporting. We offer a wide variety of assessment formats from small-scale educational assessments to high-security certification and licensure tests.

Our mobile applications are designed to be multi-platform and interactive with multiple applications.
We are specialized in the development of web-based and mobile applications for the management of large databases of healthcare institutions (volunteer and participant databates and electronic health records) and in clinical decision-making.

We specialize in the development of dedicated software for electronic sensors in the realm of IoT.
We develop customized API and interfaces to solve your sensors needs in a cloud base solution.
Our solutions provide efficient and updated versions that help you deploy your services in large-scale environments.

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Our P&S are multilingual and are implemented worldwide

Our P&S are customized in order to fulfill our clients’ needs


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