HfPT – Health from Portugal

The HfPT agenda aims to position Portugal as a global reference hub in the design, development, and production of advanced solutions for health markets, based on innovation and technology. HfPT will focus on four key areas:

i. Developing smart health solutions for the digital medtech segment;

ii. Establishing a national smart repository of health data with international reference;

iii. Empowering the growth and sophistication of the clinical trials segment in the country;

iv. Creating solutions that enhance the potential of the ecosystem for collecting and benchmarking clinical data and costs associated with healthcare delivery.

The project is coordinated by Prológica, Sistemas Informáticos S.A. and counts with a total of 88 co-promoters, among them ICognitus, who complement each other technically and technologically, concentrating the necessary capacity to achieve the ambitious goals set, aiming for the launch of 99 new products.

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