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iCognitus – IT Solutions is a software development company established in 2013 that aims to supply high-quality software products and services. Our driving force is a profound passion for enhancing education and we are deeply committed to empowering both trainees and teachers for greater success.
We are dedicated to the development of large and small business solutions that cover a wide spectrum of knowledge assessments, interviews, recruitment processes and technical skills evaluations applicable to candidates for public or private sectors.

Our solutions can be seamlessly adapted to any business environment or institution, whether conducted face-to-face or through telematic means, fully adjustable to each business environment or institution.

At the forefront of our products is QuizOne®, a comprehensive, user-friendly, reliable, and secure online platform designed for admissions and selection processes. QuizOne® empowers users to create and manage question banks, design, and execute online assessment tests. QuizOne® enables remote assessments with video control, ensuring heightened security and a realistic testing environment. It stands as a robust and secure digital solution, meeting the evolving needs of our clients.


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Our Products

Products that are reliable are imperative to success

A comprehensive, user-friendly, reliable, and secure online platform for Admission and Selection.
Our platform covers all aspects of the process from the recruitment stage to the entire cycle of the assessment and reporting. We offer a wide variety of assessment formats from small-scale educational assessments to high-security certification and licensure tests.

Our mobile applications are designed to be multi-platform and interactive with multiple applications.
We are specialized in the development of web-based and mobile applications for the management of large databases of healthcare institutions (volunteer and participant databates and electronic health records) and in clinical decision-making.

We specialize in the development of dedicated software for electronic sensors in the realm of IoT.
We develop customized API and interfaces to solve your sensors needs in a cloud base solution.
Our solutions provide efficient and updated versions that help you deploy your services in large-scale environments.