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CommItted to Your Success

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We develop Artificial Intelligence solutions, Database Management and Protection, and customizable Systems Automation, for the public and private sectors.

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Mission & Aims

Our goal is to develop high-quality digital tools for Public & Private Entities, namely, Universities, Public Administration, and Certifying bodies. Our products are distinguished by security, usability, and flexibility and adaptable to each business environment or institution.



We want to be recognized worldwide as a company of excellency in the development and innovation of e-assessment technologies, products, and services for the recruitment, selection, certification, and training of students and professionals in different domains.



Our philosophy is based on constant innovation and adaptation to our customers’ needs, which is our main focus. We value excellency, quality, innovation, customer focus, team spirit, operational efficiency, and ethics as the guiding principles that serve as the basis for our actions and decisions.

About Us

IT  Engineering Experts Company

We are a consulting company in the area of information technology and communication systems, dedicated to the development of large and small business solutions, covering the full range of knowledge assessments, interviews, recruitment and technical skills applicable to candidates for public or private positions, in face-to-face format or by telematic means, fully adjustable to each business environment or institution.


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Our innovation is amplified by cutting-edge research and development

Our P&S are multilingual and are implemented worldwide

Our P&S are customized in order to fulfill our clients’ needs

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